Partnering with Our Maine Communities

Households in Maine generate, on average, a ton of post-recyclable waste each year. Properly transporting and disposing of that waste takes is a major expense and challenge for Maine communities. We’re proud to partner with nearly 200 Maine towns and cities on waste disposal, and we are developing new options for the future that will help them reduce waste, recycle more and provide related services more efficiently.

Many of the nearly 200 towns who use our facility also have an ownership interest in PERC  – collectively they own 23% of PERC. In addition, most of these towns also participate in the Tip Fee Stabilization Fund, which receives one-third of all “excess” profits each year. By 2018, this fund is expected to hold $30 million – money that belongs the towns and can be used any way they see fit, to lower the cost of future waste disposal fees or for any other need the municipality may have.

That why PERC is a partnership that works for Maine.